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Check Your Player's Equipment Now

By PIYH, 09/28/22, 12:45PM EDT


Check Your Player's Equipment Now

In order to avoid delays or headaches at the beginning of your child's season, be sure to inspect your child's equipment as soon as possible. Ensure proper fit and that everything is in working order.

Check out the  pictured sticker on your child's helmet to ensure that the helmet has not expired or is no longer certified.   This is a USA Hockey requirement.

Mouthguards  are required for play in Maine and BNQ certified neck guards are required for play in Canada. 

Please have your player's skates sharpened.  

If purchasing new equipment, we encourage you to move towards buying Presque Isle team colors.  This includes navy pants, navy gloves, and a white helmet.  This is NOT a requirement but merely a suggestion so that we can starting having more uniformity and consistency between  our teams over time.  These are also the High School colors worn for those approaching that age.