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2013-2014 Welcome Letter from the President

11/07/2013, 12:00pm EST
By Doug Carlisle

A few helpful reminders to ensure a smooth season...

Hello Hockey Fan,


Welcome back to a new hockey season! Preliminary game schedules are coming out and you should be receiving those from the coaches via email.  They will also be posted to shortly.


To ensure we have a smooth and successful season, I ask that you all be mindful of a few concerns that have been brought to my attention:


·         Playing around the rink and in the lobby. The Forum staff has asked that the kids not be shooting puck and ball in the building when not on the ice.  There is a concern that someone will get injured or property will get damaged.


·         Equipment Boxes - If you need equipment or help someone get equipment out of the boxes please pick up the mess afterward.  The Forum had a safety inspection and got wrote up due to equipment being in walkways.  Please help us keep this area clean and safe.


·         Locker Rooms - Please make sure we are not using more than two locker rooms for any one group using the ice. If the Peewee or Bantam are practicing there should be one locker room for the males and one for females.  We have been seeing 3-4 locker rooms being used during a single ice time.  Coaches should be directing players to which locker rooms to use based upon who is on the ice before and after their time slot. 

·         Pucks - Puck are an ongoing expense every year.  Please make sure we are picking up the pucks around the rink after each practice and returning them to the coaches.


·         Speeding.  The citizens have been complaining on Mechanic Street about speeding and it has been brought to our attention that the Presque Isle PD will be patrolling around the Forum for speeders.   They have been directed to write a ticket if anyone is speeding. 


Thanks for your attention to these matters.  With your help the season will go much more smoothly.





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