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Pizza! Pizza! Fundraiser Underway

11/09/2012, 10:30am EST
By Erica McKnight

Power Play selling Little Caesars Pizza Kits

The job is never done for our hard working fundraising committee, Power Play.  On the heels of the very successful Scentsy fundraiser, another fundraising effort is already underway!

A number of Power Players have sales kits and are out selling Pizza Kits to make your very own Little Caesars pizza, Crazy Bread or Pizza Cones at home.  Yes, you read that right, Pizza Cones!

Angel McNeal has taken the lead on this Little Caesar Pizza Kit fundraiser and has been working hard to promote and sell.  But she could always use more help! Find Angel at a Novice practice or game to get a sales kit of your own and get selling! 

All orders/payment MUST be back to Angel on Saturday, November 24th in the morning.  Orders will be in and MUST be picked up at the Forum on Tuesday, December 4th between 6-8 PM.

To find more information on this and other fundraising opportunities, join the Power Play Facebook Group.

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